Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Kindsight Adds VAS Opportunities for MNOs; Switches from Advertising to Freemium Business Model

Kindsight released ".. new features for Kindsight Mobile Security to expand the protection mobile operators can offer their subscribers. Mobile operators can now alert users of suspicious apps that would be missed by device-only security apps, block infected devices from communicating with attackers’ command-and-control (C&C) servers, and help the subscriber locate missing phones and remotely lock or wipe data from stolen phones".

Kindsight used to present the business opportunity for operators as a paid Value-added Service or free service with advertising (here). This seems to have changed, and the current model is the freemium concept:

"..Mobile operators can deploy the white-labeled Kindsight Mobile Security solution to launch new value-added services to their subscribers under their own brand. These services can be offered for a monthly fee to generate new revenue or by using a freemium model where some functionality is offered for free and the subscriber can upgrade to the premium features for a fee. Since mobile operators are the only providers who can combine network-based and device-based security, by working with Kindsight they can offer a strongly differentiated offering to their subscribers as compared to off-the-shelf, device-only mobile security solutions".

See "Kindsight Expands Mobile Security Protection" - here.

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