Monday, December 10, 2012

Optimization Deployments [209]: Maxis [Malaysia] Saves Backhaul Bandwidth w/Altobridge

Altobridge announced ".. the first commercial deployment of its Data-at-the-Edge solution, an intelligent, content delivery architecture that brings content closest to the end user, i.e., at the radio base station level .. The solution is live on a Tier One wireless network in Asia and results show savings of over 40% in mobile broadband backhaul costs, plus a dramatic improvement in Quality of Experience (QoE) and seamless integration into the live network".

According to Mobile Europe, the customer is the Malaysian operator Maxis (see "Optimise at the edge for '40% backhaul savings'" - here). At the end of Q3, 2012, Maxis had 12.8M revenue generating subscribers. Mobile and broadband data contributed 25.9% of total mobile revenues.

"Data-at-the-Edge™ enables data passing between an operator’s core network and the radio base station to be identified, managed and optimized at the most granular level. This is achieved through content ‘On-loading’ at the base station, data stream de-duplication, data compression and Network Interface Protocol Optimization, along with other data optimization techniques".

With the DatE™ feature-set positioned on both sides of the transmission link, user data is minimized in terms of bandwidth requirements, while caching and pre-positioning features further enhance the solution. Importantly, however, proprietary signaling and voice signaling are left unaltered. This approach (see below) enables E911 Lawful Intercept and billing requirements to be maintained.

Further optimization of this solution allows expansion of the data “on-load” capability (see below), resulting in significant savings and heralding the arrival of new financial business models for network operators.

See "Altobridge Proves 40% Data Backhaul Savings with Intelligent Content Delivery in Commercial Wireless Networks" - here.

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