Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Network Intelligence, the Big Screen Version

Well - this time I let the picture speaks for itself ..

Nokia Siemens Networks announced that ".. Bharti Airtel has recently unveiled a new Network Experience Centre in Manesar near Gurgaon, India. This center includes a 3600-square-foot video wall powered by Nokia Siemens Networks’ dashboard solution. The solution monitors and analyzes the various aspects of the operator’s entire network operations, and presents them in a unified video view to make monitoring and analysis of Bharti Airtel’s operations simpler and more efficient ..  This dashboard solution is different from conventional dashboard, as it provides performance and usage view of Airtel network and services across geographies, mobile services and devices. With this solution, the operator can ensure the best service quality management and customer experience for its customers.

See "Video wall bigger than a tennis court gives Bharti Airtel complete network view" - here.

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