Wednesday, December 12, 2012

US MNO Blocks Mobile Scanners with Radware

Radware announced last week ".. a contract award from a national mobile communications carrier in the U.S. for its Attack Mitigation System (AMS) to protect against known and emerging network security threats. This current contract award is part of a multi-million dollar enhancement to its capabilities, in order to provide secure internet access and mitigate DoS based attacks on internal customer-facing networks throughout multiple locations in the United States. The national mobile communications carrier selected Radware’s AMS because of its ability to support both behavioral-based and signature-based protections, known as the Network Behavioral Analysis (NBA) module".

I asked Radware's CTO, Avi Chesla (pictured), what does the MNO protect with Radware's mitigation solution. One interesting aspect of the deployment, according to Avi, is identifying mobile users generating port scanning attacks.

Avi says that their customer found that there are many such cases, causing security risks as well as high resource consuming - such as high signaling traffic. Radware's DefensePro system identifies those customers and provides the operator with the necessary information to handle to problem.

See "Radware Awarded Contract to Upgrade Existing Network Protection System for a Leading U.S. National Cellular Network Provider" - here.

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  1. "current contract award is part of a multi-million dollar enhancement" - oddly worded, since its not clear if Radware won a multi million $ deal or just a small piece of the overall deal