Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Openet: Operator Tailors Service Plan by Device type; no Delay in New Users Provisioning

Kindle Fire HD
Openet announced that a tier1 U.S. mobile operator uses its PCC solution to "prepare for an unprecedented number of new devices, with various data plans, purchased this holiday season. With the latest connected gadgets and devices, including the Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire HD, topping most consumers’ holiday lists, demand on wireless networks will skyrocket. To provide the best service, operators are designing rate plans and network policies to better match users’ individual preferences, and that are tailored to the unique qualities of each device"

The release also explains that "In addition, daily activity like checking email and browsing the news on a wireless device can cause a serious strain on a given network, and with more and more devices in use, subscriber experience and satisfaction is at stake. The tier one operator recognized the impending demand, and worked with Openet to make the adjustments needed to fully support the influx". Chris Hoover (pictured), Global VP of Marketing at Openet, clarifies that the above statement does not refer to refers to "management of network congestion per se - [but to] infrastructure to ensure there is no delay in provisioning new users, even with huge spikes in signups across multiple devices and rate plans" .

See "Openet Enables Tier One U.S. Carrier to Support New Devices Like the Kindle Fire HD Purchased for the Holidays" - here.

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