Monday, April 14, 2014

Akamai Enhances Video Streaming with MPEG-DASH and HDS

Akamai Technologies announced that it is "adding native support for the emerging Motion Picture Experts Group-Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (MPEG-DASH) and HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS) formats for live and linear streaming content. By accepting these additional formats into its globally distributed entry points, Akamai expects to offer its customers greater flexibility to reach an ever-increasing array of connected devices.
The new capability - 
  • is designed to allow event producers to send their streams directly into Akamai ingest servers via nearby entry points, minimizing the chance of quality loss through local network issues and congestion.
  • Akamai is working with encoder vendors to qualify their offerings for compatibility, and 
  • has added DASH support to its Adaptive Media Player
This three-pronged approach is intended to help users more easily stream live events at higher quality to audiences worldwide.

Elemental Technologies is the first partner to be qualified by Akamai for direct DASH and HDS ingest. Their Elemental® Live and Elemental® Server products have been configured and tested in an effort to ensure that streaming content in these new formats is securely and efficiently transferred through Akamai's ingest points.

See "Akamai Announces Native MPEG-DASH and HDS Support for Live Video Workflows" - here.

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