Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Zettics Acquires Velocent Systems to Provide Subscriber-centric, Real-time Analytics

Zettics (see "Citrix Adds Zettics' Big Data Analytics to ByteMobile" - here) announced it has ".. acquired Velocent Systems. The combined entity will provide a subscriber-centric, real-time analytics suite that integrates data usage, network performance, and customer experience metrics into a single, unified view for the operator. Having these data sets in one solution will allow operators to realize unique business benefits that were previously unavailable in the market.

.. Zettics technology will now derive an unparalleled amount of unique intelligence from a combination of a subscriber’s data usage and corresponding network performance. This includes behavioral metrics (engagement, interests, and segmentation) combined with experiential metrics (latency, throughput, and tonnage) across a variety of apps and services such as browsing, video, audio, and VoLTE. Zettics enables this business critical information to be accessed through an interactive UI, a low-latency API, or integrated via real-time alarms or extracts into operator systems. Multiple tier-1 operators across the world use Zettics and Velocent to improve their business today"

See "Zettics Acquires Velocent to Provide the Most Comprehensive Real-Time 360 Degree View of a Subscriber’s Experience Available Today" - here.

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