Wednesday, April 2, 2014

PeerApp, Limelight and Sandvine Show Policy-Managed Delivery of 4K Video over CDN and Operator Cache

PeerApp announced that it has "successfully demonstrated its implementation of the Content Service Extension (see "PeerApp, EdgeCast and Limelight Create Open Framework for Content Delivery" - here) architecture in cooperation with Sandvine and  Limelight Networks

The demonstration features managed delivery of 4K video content from Limelight’s global CDN footprint into the home, triggering operator caching and network Quality of Service (QoS) extension services in a trusted and controlled fashion. The operator-side implementation of the CSE service architecture includes PeerApp’s UltraBand cache and CSE controller platforms as well as Sandvine’s Service Delivery Engine (SDE) .. This offers a first time reference implementation of an end-to-end content delivery architecture utilizing a global CDN footprint in combination with operator caching and guaranteed QoS, using the Packet Cable Multimedia (PCMM) standard, defined and promoted by the PacketCable industry consortium, founded by CableLabs"

See "PeerApp, Sandvine and Limelight Demonstrate End-to-End Guaranteed Delivery of 4K Video and Content Monetization using Content Service Extension Architecture at CableLabs" - here.

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