Friday, April 11, 2014

Sandvine Q1: $10M Revenues from Juniper; 78% Margin

Sandvine published its 2014 Q1 (Feb '14) results (here). Some highlights from the earning call and MD&A filing (here):
  • Revenues by reseller Juniper Networks were $10M, for a "significant customer in the North America region" announced in November 2012 (here)
  • Gross margin was high, at 78%, but the company does not expect to maintain this level and assume a 70% margin for the future
  • "Very happy with the PCRF and some of the success we had with that (see "Sandvine Will Compete on PCRF Projects" - here) .. the dynamics are changing .. it is a much safer choice for service providers to select us to be on either ends of that policy control system"
  • "Highest revenue ever from Wireless market (over 60% of total)"


  • Dave Caputo, Sandvine's CEO, is very proud of the recently announced PTS 32000 (see "Sandvine Adds a 200Gbps/2RU Appliance w/100GE Interfaces" - here):

    • "200 Gbps throughput per unit, up to 8 Tbps of throughput in cluster"

    • "7 times smaller than certain competitive platforms" probably refers to Allot Communications' new Tera (500Gbps/13RU - see "Allot Launched the New Service Gateway; Orders from 4 Operators (over $9M)" - here)


PTS 32000

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