Sunday, April 13, 2014

[Survey]: Operators Prefer Specialty BSS Vendors; Moving to Virtualization

A recent research, conducted by Intelligence (sponsored by Openet),  incorporates the input of more than 100 operators worldwide, finds that "truly flexible BSS solutions from specialty vendors are the best option to improve service and pricing innovation, multi-vendor interoperability and system flexibility ..  The survey highlighted key benefits of working with specialist BSS vendors relative to those provided by network equipment providers. Over 72% said that specialist providers enabled a faster time to market for new pricing models, 75% said they enabled better service and pricing innovation, and 76% felt specialists provided greater system flexibility".

Regarding virtualization - ".. nine per cent of respondents have already begun commercial operation of virtualised BSS and 23 per cent of respondents have begun trials of virtualized BSS environments only 34 per cent of operators currently have no plans to embrace virtualised BSS. However it is likely this sentiment will change as the industry becomes more comfortable with the prospects". 

See "Study Shows Best-of-Breed BSS Solutions Best Serve Operator Business" - here.

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