Tuesday, April 8, 2014

DigitalRoute Service Control Helps CSPs to Deliver Metered Data

DigitalRoute announced the "launch of Service Control, a pre-configured solution built on the MediationZone platform. Service Control enables Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to reduce the cost of delivering metered data services via a service delivery and execution engine designed for instances where innovative services and service bundles (of voice, data, and/or next generation services) form the core of a competitive strategy.

“.. Service Control is already being used with impressive results:

  • One North American operator notes, 'Providing services in a new, disruptive way using a Freemium model has challenged us to find a lean and cost effective counting solution. Service Control has been our answer. On top of this, we need to continually evolve our offering and be able to quickly introduce new services like toll free data, or high cost payment services. Either way, fast T-T-M is critical to success. 

  • A European operator now using Service Control comments “Rapid service creation was not possible in our legacy BSS stack, but enabling new roaming bucket services in time for the vacation season was achieved after the introduction of Service Control by DigitalRoute – and in only a few week’s time!

See "DigitalRoute Launches Service Control Solution to Meet Telco Market Demand" - here.

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