Wednesday, April 30, 2014

In line with the New Net Neutrality: Netflix Adds Verizon to its Peers

After Netflix signed its first agreement with Comcast (see "Comcast and Netflix - BFF ("no preferential network treatment")" - here) ad reported "Netflix Reports Slower Speeds for Verizon" (here) it was reported that they are also in talks with AT&T and Verizon (See "Netflix: First we take Comcast, then we take AT&T and Verizon; How Much it Costs?" - here).

Sam Gustin reports to the TIME that "Netflix has reached a paid-peering-interconnection agreement with Verizon, both companies confirmed to TIME on Monday"

As can be seen from Netflix ISP Index charts (for Verizon FIOS and Verizon DSL), service has been deteriorated in recent months, although some improvements is seen in March. As the "New Net Neutrality" allows to prioritize traffic (see "FCC: New Net Neutrality? Just be "Commercially Reasonable"" - here), there should not be any regulation problem with such arrangement.  

Joris Evers, Netflix spokesperson, told TIME: “We have reached an interconnect arrangement with Verizon that we hope will improve performance for our joint customers over the coming months".

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