Thursday, April 17, 2014

PCC Deployments [303]: YooMee [Côte d’Ivoire] Deployed Broadband Systems Platform in 3 Months

Michael Anderson, Founder & CEO, Broadband Systems shared with me their experience from a recent deployment by YooMee Africa in its new operation in Côte d’Ivoire.

YooMee launched LTE based broadband services in Abidjan based on a TD-LTE network from Alcatel-Lucent (here).

"Our part was the complete BSS/OSS infrastructure – everything above the ALU network. We deployed our platform on top of the ALU PGW and HSS. The platform was deployed using standard 3GPP interfaces (Gx/Gy, RADIUS and SOAP provisioning).

The acts as a single component doing OCS, PCRF, AAA – and of course selling data packages to the subscribers through dynamic web interaction.

The entire project timeline was 3 months - from contract to active SIM cards in the hands of paying customers.We believe that this is likely the fastest ever complete 3GPP compliant BSS/OSS deployment

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