Saturday, April 5, 2014

NSN: VoLTE Beats OTT VoIP 4:0 !

Gerald Reddig [pictured], Nokia Solutions and Networks, explains in company's blog why VoLTE is good for MNOs - technically.

"NSN Smart Labs recently tested both client groups, OTT VoIP and VoLTE" and found that in all 4 measured KPIs VoLTE is better:
  • VoLTE clients consumed approximately 40% less than OTT VoIP clients.
  • OTT VoIP clients generated up to 10x more data connections in the mobile network than a VoLTE client during a call
  • Most OTT VoIP applications required between 20% and 40% more throughput than VoLTE clients during active calls to achieve this quality level, although one OTT VoIP application showed exceptional performance and came close to VoLTE. Overall data volume consumed over a period of time, including a mix of active and stand-by periods, resulted in at least 50% lower consumption for VoLTE thanks to its more efficient behavior during stand-by
  • Typical default OTT VoIP keep-alive patterns activated during standby created between 100% and 200% higher signaling load on LTE networks compared with VoLTE
See "Why operator VoLTE beats OTT VoIP" - here.

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