Monday, April 7, 2014

Allot Launched the New Service Gateway; Orders from 4 Operators (over $9M)

This should not come as a surprise to the readers of this blog (see "Allot Softly Launched a New High-end Product (Service Gateway Tera)" - here).

Allot Communications finally announced the "..launch of Allot Service Gateway Tera, a high-performance DPI-based platform built to power the deployment of Digital Lifestyle Services in fixed and mobile data networks on the path to software-defined networking (SDN) and cloud-based network services (NFV). Allot Service Gateway Tera has already received multimillion dollar orders from four different mobile and fixed line operators worldwide, including a $4M deal announced earlier this year (here) and a $5M dollar deal announced earlier this month (see "Allot: $5M Service Gateway and Analytics EMEA Order" - here).

In an interview to Sarah Reedy, Light Reading, Allot's VP VP of product management and marketing, Andrei Elefant [pictured], says that Allot "plans to offer a virtual version later this year for operators with NFV strategies .. Right now, the tie to SDN and NFV sounds like more of a long-term plan, but Elefant says the migration path is in place. In all of his discussions with operators, he says he encounters two groups of people: those operating networks, such as the network operations, engineers, and planning folks; and those looking into the future, the innovators and marketing teams. "The first team wants to keep it working with mostly physical environments," he says. "The other side of the house has to work differently, and change how they operate," which includes figuring out how to introduce SDN and NFV" (see "Allot Builds Gateway to SDN" here)

"Allot Service Gateway Tera supports Service Chaining to value-added services, with high-density 100GE and 10GE connectivity. The platform is built to manage 15 million active subscribers and provides up to 2Tbps in a Tera-cluster" 

See "Allot Communications Enables Fast Rollout of Digital Lifestyle Services in the Tera Era with Allot Service Gateway Tera" - here.

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