Friday, April 25, 2014

DPI Deployments [305]: Econet Wireless [Zimbabwe] Uses Sandvine for Application-based Charging

A recent Sandvine case study presents their deployment at Econet Wireless Zimbabwe - "Econet Wireless Zimbabwe is using Sandvine’s Usage Management product with plug-and-play capabilities that will enable them to roll out new revenue-generating services for their pre-paid and post-paid subscribers. 

Sandvine was selected based on our ability to fulfill the technical requirements of usage-based charging over 3GPP Diameter Gy and policy enforcement over 3GPP Diameter Gx, which are critical for rolling out new services such as roaming notifications, bill shock prevention, family plans, and data bundles [including  promotions deals such as "Facebook Bundles" and "WhatsApp Bundles"}".

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe has over8M subscribers.

See "Success Story: Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Raises the Bar" - here.

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