Monday, December 19, 2011

[ALU]: Control Wireless Congestion by Deprioritization of Heavy Users

An article by Hai Zhou, Kevin Sparks (pictured), Nandu Gopalakrishnan, Pantelis Monogioudis, Francis Dominique, Peter Busschbach, and Jim Seymour all from Alcatel Lucent "evaluates the concept of deprioritization of heavy users in wireless networks for congestion management, the difference between deprioritization and throttling, and the enabling technologies to implement the feature in real-world networks"

The results of our investigation highlight the challenges operators face in safeguarding their networks against heavy users and the two major approaches in doing so: 
  • Throttling acts at the gateway level and is unable to exploit the temporary traffic gaps of typical users. Therefore, it continues to rate limit heavy users even if there is no reason to do so.
  • Deprioritization, on the other hand, has the visibility offered by the scheduler at the (e)NodeB and is also self-organizing, allowing control transparency and better upswing potential of the heavy and typical users.
Many issues in this critical field remain open such as ensuring fairness across the population of users, which points to the design of a classification function that offers substantial room for differentiation between vendors and/or operators.


See "Deprioritization of Heavy Users in Wireless Networks" - below or here.

Heavy Users

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