Friday, December 23, 2011

Bell Canada will Stop Shape "diminishing" P2P Traffic on March 2012

After Bell Canada said that "P2P File Sharing is no Longer a capacity Issue" (here), could not deploy Usage based Billing to its served ISPs (here), and had application identification failures in its DPI system (here) the Canadian carrier decided that there it should no longer use its DPI system (which they call ITMP - Internet Traffic Management Practice) for P2P shaping.

In a letter to the Chris Seidl, Executive Director, Telecommunications, CRTC , Denis E. Henry, Vice-President – Regulatory, Government Affairs and Public Law and Philippe Gauvin, Counsel – Regulatory Law & Policy explain (see below and here):

"With the increasing popularity of streamed video and other traffic, P2P file-sharing, as a proportion of total traffic, has been diminishing. This is not to say that it no longer has an impact on network congestion. Nevertheless, and in light of the extensive investments the Companies have made in additional network capacity, and given economic ITMPs in the marketplace, the Companies will withdraw the shaping of P2P traffic on the Companies' networks, with regards to both retail and wholesale traffic, effective 1 March 2012".

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