Saturday, December 17, 2011

[Israel] Pelephone Limits Download Speeds of its MVNO Subscribers

Earlier this month I reported on the new age of mobile competition in Israel - the launch of the first MVNO service, by the retail food chain Ramy Levi, served by Pelephone's network (see "Competition Leads Partner [Israel] to Offer Reduced Speed Mobile Internet Instead of Overage Fees" - here).

Amitai Ziv (picture) reports to The Marker that Ramy Levi's customers are complaining that the download speed of the new service is limited to 2Mbps vs. the promised 7.2Mbps.

"When switching from a Ramy Levi's to a Pelephone SIM card, speed goes back to 7.2Mbps .. tested in numerous places .. Both companies did not deny the facts .. Pelephone hinted that limiting speed to 2Mbps is part of the contract with Ramy Levi"

Article - here, Hebrew.

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