Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ovum: Operators Dissatisfied with SDM Solutions; Expect More Business Value

While the Subscriber Data Management market is "is forecast to grow rapidly over the next few years" (here) and supported by giants such as Oracle and Amdocs, it seems that something is still missing and operators do not find the solution they really need.
Shagun Bali (pictured), Analyst, Telecoms Technology, Ovum recommends vendors in the SDM space to "..revisit their marketing and partnering strategies. As the telecoms industry evolves toward more subscriber  personalization, operators have similar expectations from their suppliers as well".

"A key message from the recent [SDM and Data Warehousing Summitwas that operators are dissatisfied with vendors’ current [SDM] offerings. Operators’ focus has shifted from reducing costs to delivering value and managing customers’ experience over their networks. They expect vendors to understand and help them deliver business value. Vendors also showcased their SDM capabilities to help operators overcome their data management challenges. But overall, operators’ challenges outpace vendors’ current solutions"

"Operators were enthusiastic in discussing the potential they see in using subscriber data in more sophisticated ways. Operators treat such data as a strategic asset – the oil that will fuel their future growth. Some take the idea so far as to see themselves transforming in five years or so into companies that primarily manage data and also provide communications services"
See "Big Data is a big challenge for operators and vendors" - here.

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