Friday, December 30, 2011

Testing S/W Announcements: Mobile Metrics now Tests Gx and Rx Interfaces

Mobile Metrics announced the ".. availability of the Torrent 6100 LTE Test System for the Enhanced Packet Core Network ..  Now in release 1.1, it has been augmented to allow for PCRF and IMS testing over the Gx and Rx interfaces. The 6100 is equally at home with performing simple functional tests such as initial-attach with accompanying visual trace, while also giving the user power of generating high capacity load tests with complex traffic profiles involving millions of UEs and thousands of eNBs .. In initial tests, the Torrent 6100 was demonstrated to achieve well over 30,000 (and in some configurations 37,000) initial attaches per second"

See "Mobile Metrics Announces New LTE Test System for the Evolved Packet Core Network" - here.


  1. Hi Dude,

    Mobile Metrics is pleased to announce the immediate availiability of the Torrent 6100 LTE test system for the enhanced packet core network. Thanks a lot......