Tuesday, December 6, 2011

DPI Deployments [108]: Public Mobile [Canada] Uses Procera for Personalized, Device Aware, Policies and Charging

Procera Networks announced that ".. Public Mobile deployed Procera’s PacketLogic solution set in implementing new 3GPP-standard charging models that are enabling personalized services, such as on-demand pre-paid data roaming .. In order to keep prices down, the wireless company needs visibility into its network traffic that is both granular and scalable ..Public Mobile is also an early adopter of Procera’s new PacketLogic Report Studio feature, generating analytics for their business decisions. Already, they have used the solution to respond to customer trends in smartphone use, enabling accurate capacity planning and enforcement of terms of service"

Public Mobile operates in Toronto and Montreal area, and claim to have 150,000 subscribers as of Q3 (here - note the comments). One of their web pages (here) answers with a simple "no" the question "Can I use my data phone to connect to the internet on my laptop (tethering)?", which may explain the need for a device aware DPI solution.

Brian O'Shaughnessy (pictured), CTO, Public Mobile said: "Procera's proven ability to cost-effectively implement device-aware policies and their flexibility in new charging models were the primary reasons we selected Procera for this deployment .."

See "Procera Networks Delivers Optimal Solution for Public Mobile" - here.

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  1. Well I bought a Kyocera Rise C5156 from Public Mobile and found an app called "Faveset Klink" which tethering works very well! Only problem is to get netflixs working on my tethered computer. I tried some mobile phone emulators, but nothing yet!