Tuesday, December 13, 2011

LIME [Caribbean] Loves Video Caching

Recently I had some posts on the need and availability of integrated CDN and transparent caching (for OTT traffic) solutions (see here and here).

Recent announcements by PeerApp and Juniper Networks, for systems installed by LIME (part of the Cable & Wireless Communications Group) in the Caribbean, provide an example of a carrier using both technologies, however by separate systems.

Few weeks ago it was PeerApp announcing it "... was selected by LIME ..to provide its UltraBand transparent caching platform throughout LIME’s Caribbean operations. UltraBand will help LIME deliver Internet content, including video and multimedia, with improved quality, while reducing associated network congestion and costs" (here).

Now, Juniper Networks is announcing that LIME - ".. is deploying Juniper Networks® Media Flow Controller [post - here] to underpin its next-generation TV and video services. .. The new entertainment service will use adaptive bitrate streaming to deliver up to 130 television channels over subscribers’ broadband Internet connections, and LIME is using Media Flow to cache, distribute and deliver content for maximum efficiency and viewing experience".

See "LIME Selects Juniper Networks Media Flow For Advanced" - here.

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