Thursday, December 1, 2011

NI Announcements: Allot Adds Proactive Analytics for Mobile

Recently the DPI vendors have expanded their Network Analytics offering, the passive part of their product, adding new features, depth, metrics and reporting capabilities. See examples from ProceraSandvine and Commprove.

This seems to be important, as Sandvine's CTO complained recently about other vendor making false claims about who was the first to add "sophisticated analyses" (see "Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery" - here).

Allot Communications joined the trend and announced the ".. expansion of its Proactive Analytics suite to include mobile specific metrics. .. Proactive Analytics utilizes real-time data collected by Allot’s inline platforms and visually represents performance and activity metrics that are easy to interpret. Operators can gain a clear understanding of network usage and subscriber behavior down to very granular levels. The latest addition to the Proactive Analytics suite is a set of mobile specific analytics that allows operators to assess both strategic and tactical intelligence, such as most popular handset and usage patterns, which applications are most popular on which type of device, and how much bandwidth they consume. This type of analysis is designed to assist operators in taking the next step towards facilitating new revenue streams, such as content partnerships, Value-based charging plans and Application-based tiered services.".

Unfortunately I could not find on the site, or get from Allot, supporting graphics to illustrate the new features.
See "Allot Proactive Analytics Goes Mobile" - here.

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