Friday, December 9, 2011

Cache Deployments [109]: S.I Net [Cambodia] Uses BTI to Improve QoE and Save Transit Costs

BTI Systems announced that "S.I. Net, Cambodia’s leading provider of high-speed Internet, fiber and hosting services, chose WideCast, the transparent caching solution, from BTI Systems. With WideCast, S.I. Net is able to cache the most popular video, applications and other content and improve the quality of experience for its customers while significantly reducing its IP transit costs .. WideCast is coupled with the BTI Systems 7000 Series packet optical networking platform and integrated packetVX™ Ethernet services modules as its underlying foundation. With its ability to redirect packet optical traffic at Layer 2/Layer 4, the 7000 Series will allow S.I. Net to deliver Ethernet-based services and expand its 10GbE metro network in the capital city of Phnom Penh"

BTI's caching solution, WideCast (covered here), is an OEM from PeerApp (here and here).

See "BTI Systems Facilitates Video, Content Streaming for S.I. Net" - here.

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