Tuesday, December 20, 2011

PCRF Deployments [111]: Pelephone [Israel] Selected Ericsson's SAPC

Doron Kurtz, Pelephone's VP Engineering & Technology announced during a press conference that the mobile operator selected Ericsson's PCRF system, SAPC (covered - here), "the first PCRF in Israel".

Amitai Ziv reports to The Marker (and twitted me the slide - thanks!) that according to Pelephone's presentation, the system enables personalized charging (according to the subscriber profile), volume base service plans, real time notifications and a Turbo Button (Bandwidth on Demand) feature.

See here (Hebrew).

Earlier this week, customers of Pelephone's first MVNO (Ramy Levi) complained that Pelephone reduced their download speed to 2 Mbps, vs. 7.2 Mbps when using the native Pelephone service (here).

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  1. The SAPC and the SASN are running in partner live network for few week now.