Monday, August 6, 2012

Bakrie Telecom: "Traffic management is extremely important"

Benny Har-Even interviewed Rohit Kanwar (pictured), GM for network optimisation, Bakrie Telecom to At the end of Q1, 2012, Bakrie had 11.2M subscribers.

Here are some quotes:
  • Traffic management is extremely important in the current broadband network and it has to run on a daily basis. Throttling is one of the mechanisms used for managing the data hoggers in the network. However they have to be “politically” managed as well. These hoggers are very active on all the technology blogs and would be able to ruin your reputation. A better policy control function would help you to prioritise and identify the users to be throttled in the network.
  • OTT services are not a direct threat to the service provider... What would be better for the service provider is to move into a model where they provide the content and share the revenue from the user with the content provider .. Telcos should not charge the consumer an additional amount for using the third-party internet or VoIP services.
See "Bakrie Telecom’s network optimisation GM: “Operators should start looking into other ways of monetising the content through m-commerce” - here.

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