Friday, August 31, 2012

[iSuppli] 1.2B(!) LTE Subscribers by 2016

A new report by Francis Sideco (pictured), senior principal analyst, wireless communications, IHS iSuppli concludes that "Global 4G LTE subscribers this year are forecast to reach 73.3 million, up a whopping 334 percent from 16.9 million in 2011 .. Another round of impressive triple-digit growth, equivalent to 181 percent, is expected in 2013 when 4G LTE subscribers total 205.7 million. By 2016, 4G LTE subscribers will reach nearly 1.2 billion strong, as shown in the figure below .. Subscribers to the older 3G technology will continue to outnumber 4G LTE users, but the pace of growth for 3G will be significantly slower and not exceed 35 percent at any point from this year onward".

Previous reports predicted 802M LTE subscribers by 2017 (Pyramid - here) or 430M by 2016 (older report, Juniper Research - here).

See "Rapid Advance of LTE Spurs Convergence of Electronic Products" - here.

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