Sunday, August 12, 2012

NSN: Opportunity for MNOs w/Security VAS

A Nokia-Siemens Networks' blog post by Asheesh Gulati looks at the "business opportunity for operators who can provide a secure environment for their customers".
".. Operators can generate new business and significantly increase customer retention by offering security on top of existing contracts. When people know that their mobile environment is secure, they are more comfortable trying and using new applications and services. Enterprise customers are particularly concerned about malware on smartphones and risks involving the loss of data or intellectual property, especially with devices used for both personal and business purposes. They are willing to pay extra for protection against these threats"
"In fact, Nokia Siemens Networks demonstrated the benefits to a European mobile operator who was able to sell additional security functions to 50,000 corporate customers for an additional 5-10 Euro/subscriber/month. This is expected to yield annual revenues of 2.5-5M Euros. So, it is clearly a money making proposition for the operator".

"Device-based protection provides functions like lock and wipe, back-up and restore, which are essential when phones are stolen. Security attacks such as remotely controlled cybercrime are detected and mitigated by network-based protection"

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