Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Chetan Sharma on Shared Data Plans: "some of the fees need to be reduced or completely eliminated"

Chetan Sharma's (pictured) Q2 report on US wireless market refers to the shared data plan that were introduced recently in the US market (by Verizon and AT&T) - ".. We have been advocating shared data plans to create more consumer demand for over two years .. Verizon and AT&T launched the shared data plans this summer with AT&T getting the benefit of launching it second. While it is a great start, to be truly effective, some of the fees need to be reduced or completely eliminated".

See also "Verizon: Why Shared Data Plans are Good for Our Business" - here.

On traffic growth - " In 2012, we expect the mobile data growth to be around 80%. This has largely been driven by the introduction of data tiers, the use of WiFi offload, more developer education, throttling in some instances, and some compression and offloading solutions. However, as LTE becomes more widespread in the US, we expect the traffic growth to pick up again".

See "US Mobile Data Market Update Q2 2012" - here.

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