Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Universities Research Mobile Video Quality Measurement

Fredric Paul reported to ReadWriteWeb that "Intel, Cisco and Verizon are pouring $3.3 million into research at five prominent universities to improve video delivery over wireless networks. The first goal of the Video Aware Wireless Networks (VAWN) program? Find a good way to measure mobile video quality .. The research is important to finding ways to deliver the best video experience to the most people when the networks get overloaded; that is, minimize the problems that annoy people most"
"Because viewers perceive quality differently depending on what they're watching - sports versus talking heads, for example - quality isn't about throughput but experience .. Measuring subjective video quality is only the first step toward the larger goal of delivering high-quality video while boosting network capacity to handle the ever-increasing flood of data. The issue can’t be ignored: In 5 years an estimated 90% of Net traffic will be video, and 66% of mobile traffic will be video"
"The project is now in year two of its three-year, $1.1 million-per-year plan. By then end of the program, the VAWN team hopes to have a good method to measure perceived video quality, as well as algorithms and software tools to use that measurement to make network decisions".


 See "Engineers Struggle to Move Mobile Video Without Ruining It" - here.

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