Friday, August 17, 2012

[Dan Rayburn]: AT&T is Giving up on Carrier CDN

In recent months it looked like the "carrier CDN" trend is picking up (see - Infonetics, Ericsson/Akamai solution, ALU customers).

According to Dan Rayburn (pictured), EVP, at least one major carrier may have changed his strategy - "After many years of AT&T trying to sell their own CDN services into the enterprise, multiple sources tell me that AT&T has decided that it makes more sense for them to simply re-sell CDN services from either Akamai or Limelight. Both vendors are currently in negotiations with AT&T bidding on the business and while AT&T has not yet picked a winner, I’m hearing that even though Limelight had been favored to win the deal, the reseller business is now Akamai’s to lose".
".. AT&T has always been using EdgeCast’s licensed CDN platform for their wholesale CDN services (here) and federation model, so I would expect AT&T would still manage this portion of their CDN business".

See "AT&T In Talks To Re-Sell Akamai or Limelight’s Enterprise CDN Services" - here.

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