Tuesday, August 7, 2012

[Dell'Oro]: PCRF Market to Reach $700M in 2015

A new report by Chris DePuy, analyst, Dell’Oro Group concludes that ".. the wireless packet core equipment market is forecast to more than double in size to reach almost $6 billion by 2016. Evolved Packet Core, the emerging segment of this market, is forecast to expand half of the total market, driven by the Long Term Evolution (LTE) network capital spending .. the PCRF market is forecast to reach nearly $700M in 2015".

A year ago Dell'Oro forecasted a $600M PCRF market in 2015 (here). This is far below other estimations, such as Infonetics' ($1,9B for 2016 - here).

My DPI/PCRF market size page (here) was updated accordingly.

See "Evolved Packet Core Revenues to Approach $3 Billion in 2016" - here.

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