Friday, August 10, 2012

T-Mobile UK: The Same Full Monty, but w/o Tethering

T-Mobile - Tethering with Metering Only!
Back in January, T-Mobile UK annouced a new "all included" service plan with "No fair use restrictions apply to internet, calls or text messages .. Customers signing up to The Full Monty 24 month plan will not only have the reassurance that there are no caps on their calls, texts and internet, they will also have access to unlimited WiFi2, and can use their mobile internet for whatever they like – including tethering (using a smartphone as an internet connection for a laptop or tablet), streaming and downloading" (see "T-Mobile launches The Full Monty – the UK’s first plan to offer unlimited calls, texts and internet" - here).

Well - tethering was a promise T-Mobile cannot sustain. While other MNOs go for limited, data sharing plans, T-Mobile stays with the [unique?] unlimited offering, but without tethrring.

According to John McCann report for Tech Radar, this is no longer the case - "UK network T-Mobile has confirmed that new customers signing up to its Full Monty tariff will not be eligible for unlimited tethering on their device .. a T-Mobile spokesperson who said: 'From 8th August, tethering is not permitted for new customers under the terms and conditions of the Full Monty .. We have a range of smartphone and mobile broadband plans that include tethering for customers who want to stay connected on other devices'".

See also " T-Mobile UK: 'Mobile Broadband is not for watching videos or downloading files'" - here and "T-Mobile UK: Following a further review of our policy ..."- here.

See "T-Mobile blocks tethering for new Full Monty customers" - here.

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