Friday, August 31, 2012

PCC (w/Device Awareness) Win for Comptel

Comptel announced that a "..leading Asian mobile operator has deployed a customised version of Comptel Control and Charge. Leveraging the product for its Online Charging Function (OCF) capabilities, the operator wanted to provide low-cost, device-specific SIM bundles that would allow it to engage a different subscriber segment, as well as create upsell opportunities among existing customers who would pay extra to get separate SIMs for their tablets"

"Comptel’s bespoke device detection solution enables the mobile operator to not only sell data plans at a reduced price to satisfy customers, but also limit subscribers’ usage to specific tablets, so that SIM cards will not be misused and affect its unlimited data plans. The mobile operator has implemented a tiered alert system to notify customers when it finds that the SIM cards have been used on unauthorised devices like 3G modem dongles, and discontinue their data service following a third warning .. 
Comptel successfully delivered the project, which involved OCF implementation and DIAMETER Gy integration, on time in less than 12 weeks and to the operator’s specifications".

Ulla Koivukoski [picutred], SVP Marketing and Communications, provided me with some more details on the solution:

"This solution is based on Comptel EventLink and Comptel Control and Charge, but part of the implementation has been tailored based on the customer specific requirements. It was using IMEI (no DPI), but Gy Diameter interface with GGSN and using lookups to map to devices and subscriber subscription In SPR to understand whom and when to apply this control". 

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