Monday, August 27, 2012

Tekelec Comments on Verizon's PCC Source

Following my earlier post on Verizon Wireless' home grown PCC solution for its Shared Data Plans (here), I asked Tekelec (PCRF and DSR supplier for Verizon) for a comment.

Tekelec spokesperson, Joanne Steinberg (pictured), provided me with the following statement:

"Operators are hoping to play a big role in personalization of services and it is critical that they start leveraging what they know (or can know) about subscribers’ usage patterns, preferences, locations, and circumstances.

Based on our experiences with over 55 Policy customers globally including 43 Tier 1s, most operators will opt to source solutions from outside vendors, but some may have the wherewithal at the early stages to do some of it in-house. Of paramount importance will be access to real-time data from networks and subscriber data management (SDM) systems. The goal is to balance data and signaling traffic in a way that optimizes the customer experience based on customer preferences and the value they place on the services. Central to that will be Policy solutions (PCRF), which define the rules for new services for different subscriber segments based on operator network requirements and marketing strategies

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