Friday, August 3, 2012

BroadForward Provides Diameter Performance Test Results

BroadForward (here) joins the recent trend of publishing policy management performance data, following similar announcements by Openet, Tango, BroadHop, Amdocs (during Bridgewater days) and Tekelec.
The vendor of interfacing software announced that it has ".. completed benchmark tests showing the BFX Broadband Policy Gateway capable of handling over 100,000 Diameter messages per second on a single 1U server".

Raymond van der Laan (pictured), Head of Engineering of BroadForward, said: “Interface gateways such as BFX handle multiple connections on different interfaces in the operator’s network. With high performance and low latency being crucial attributes, only very lean and efficient middleware layers are therefore found suitable for modern broadband systems and networks .. We have set a new Diameter performance benchmark. At a CPU utilization of 80%, BFX is capable of handling over 100,000 Diameter messages per second, on a single 1U server (see chart below)".

See "BroadForward sets new Diameter performance benchmark for the BFX Broadband Policy Gateway" - here.

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