Sunday, August 5, 2012

TM Forum: 75% of SP have/Plan to Implement PCRF

A new report from the TM Forum (sponsored by Amdocs, BroadHop, Intracom, Orga Systems, Vedicis and Volubill) reviews " .. the evolution of the policy server from the first wave of risk reduction and bandwidth management applications, through the current personalization & monetization phase and on through to the emerging service and device expansion stage". 

"We find that the significance of the policy server continues to grow as we migrate to long-term evolution (LTE) and introduce new services like cloud, OTT enablement and M2M .. Almost seventy five percent of [service providers] have already implemented policy servers, or are planning to in the near future.. Policy management in conjunction with other network and systems elements like charging is among the most important emerging capabilities for service providers looking to differentiate themselves and create higher levels of customer loyalty and revenues".

".. the only way to realize its potential is through cross-departmental collaboration, in depth planning and analysis, careful selection of components, and high degrees of integration".

See "Policy everywhere: Acting on network intelligence" - here.

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