Tuesday, August 7, 2012

[DiViNetworks]: Who Drives International Data to ISPs?

DiViNetworks' Global Data Flow Report (here) provides some insights on traffic on data flows collected by its DiViCloud service (see "DiViNetworks Offers Cloud-Based Optimization Service" - here). The company published statistics showing how data is delivered to ISPs.

Dr. Yair Shapira (pictured), DiViNetworks' VP Marketing & Business Development explains:

We looked at traffic transferred over international links to ISPs in different regions, through DiViCloud PoPs. For example – traffic flowing through our Hong-Kong PoP to ISPs in South East Asia. 

We looked at the originating AS (autonomous system) of the packets, and measured the volume of traffic from each AS. About 40% of the traffic originates in CDNs: 

  • CDNs are present where DiViCloud PoPs are located (see chart). We intentionally place our PoPs next to CDNs, and have peering agreements with them. This way we can maximize the virtual capacity that we bring, and ensure higher QoE.
  • Major carriers is traffic whose AS number is carriers like France Telecom, Telecom Italia, AT&T etc.
  • The rest of the traffic is a long tail of originating AS – some are CDNs, some are large content providers or hosting companies, some are other carriers.

Note that we measure only the traffic on the int’l link. What don’t we count Local traffic within the destination country, CDN with presence in the destination country and traffic cached by the ISP.

See "Adding S.E.Asia and Carrier Traffic to our Global Data Flow Report" - here.

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