Thursday, October 24, 2013

Citrix: "Bytemobile deals are large and infrequent"

Statements regarding the Bytemobile business made during the Citrix' Q3 earning call (see "Citrix Reports Third Quarter Financial Results" - here).

David James Henshall [pictured], acting CEO of Citrix:  "just in general, the ByteMobile business is maybe on track to what we have thought in terms of dollar contribution [see "Citrix Outlook for Bytemobile Business ($15M/Q4)" - here]. We're probably a little bit behind in building out the go-to-market motion from where we'd like to be. As you know, selling into a carrier is a different beast. It's a longer sales cycle. The deals are large and the deals are infrequent, and they tend to be multiyear in nature. But we've got a good pipeline opportunity of what we call new logos. The timing, of course, is very hard to predict, but they're out there and we're ramping well. 

As far as ByteMobile as a product, we have a new release .. ByteMobile 7, which is shipping this quarter [see "Citrix Enhances Bytemobile w/Internet Radio Opt, User Experience Indexing, More Protocols" - here], enables mobile operators to really differentiate service by managing things like Internet radio traffic and User Experience Indexing and some pretty cool features there that will add value to their networks. So it's early for us. It's an early segment and one that, I think, we'll keep focusing on into next year"

Sudhakar Ramakrishna [pictured], SVP and General Manager of Desktop & Cloud added: "Release 7 actually has a lot of features that continue to expand what's called the wireless spectrum efficiency and optimization that we've been delivering in the ByteMobile context to our customers. We've also added capabilities to help them meet and rate their users more effectively, thereby enabling them to deliver differentiated business models. So that's on the ByteMobile stuff. There is a level of NetScaler attach related to ByteMobile deployments [see "Is the Optimization Market Declining?" - here].

However, the main focus on NetScaler is, call it, supporting telco data centers, which typically tends to be different buyers within the same telco. But we're using our ByteMobile presence, ByteMobile sales teams and the broader proposition that they're delivering to gain additional traction on the broader NetScaler portfolio gives us. So there's some limited attach as it relates to ByteMobile directly. And then there is also a focus on expanding into their data centers". 

ByteMobile Features.

See "Citrix Systems Management Discusses Q3 2013 Results - Earnings Call Transcript", by SeekingAlpha - here.

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