Thursday, October 10, 2013

Xirrus Announced new Dual Radio Wi-Fi AP Module with DPI

Xirrus announced the "XR-630 802.11ac access point (AP) featuring ACExpress™ – a Xirrus innovation that intelligently separates high-speed from lower-speed mobile devices to maximize system performance. The XR-630 provides a cloud-managed, low-cost expansion of the Xirrus 802.11ac portfolio that also includes Xirrus' line of modular, upgradeable line of XR Arrays. The XR-630 is the first access point of its kind to feature two radios capable of supporting the new 802.11ac standard, allowing organizations to provide performance well beyond that of 802.11n and enabling mobile users to experience application performance comparable to that of a wired network.

XR-630 is available in December; Pricing - $1100 for XR-630 AP supporting dual 3x3 802.11ac radios.

All Xirrus 802.11ac products, including the XR-630, feature Xirrus Application Control, allowing IT administrators to identify and manage more than 1,200 application types using Layer 7 Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) (see "Xirrus Wireless Access Uses Vineyard's DPI for Application Visibility" - here; Vineyard is now part of Procera Networks - see "Technology Partner Case Study | Xirrus" - here) . 

Application Control utilizes a distributed approach to controlling applications, placing the classification and policy enforcement engines directly at the edge of the network where bandwidth and security threats can be controlled before the traffic enters and impacts the core network. The unique Xirrus architecture used on the XR-630 and all Xirrus products employs high performance, integrated controllers to deliver the compute performance required to execute full DPI directly at the network edge".
See "Xirrus Announces Industry-First Dual-802.11ac Radio Access Point" - here.

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