Saturday, October 12, 2013

Gartner: SDN/NFV should Lead CSPs to DPI, Analytics and New OSS Investments

Paula Bernier [pictured], Executive Editor, TMC, reports to NFVZONE that "Gartner says the dynamic nature of networking SDN and NFV enable will require service providers to up their game in terms of security. They can do that, according to Gartner, by investing in deep packet inspection and SDN analytic tools that monitor traffic, diagnose threats and mitigate security challenges. At the same time, the research firm suggests, network operators must be sure to manage and monitor security controller access to see who is logging in when and for what purpose.

As for billing and operational support systems, Gartner recommends that service providers invest in new ones that support SDN orchestration and provisioning, policy-based control with security functions, and real-time control and billing.
With SDN's control and NFV's flexibility, CSPs can develop business models that are based on tiered services, elastic services like security-as-a-service using DPI functions on-demand or more applications on demand
See "Gartner: SDN, NFV Create New Security, OSS Requirements" - here.

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