Friday, October 11, 2013

Napatech and Qosmos Show Deeper DPI @10 Gbps

Napatech and Qosmos announced ".. a new 10 Gbps DPI platform .. The 10 Gbps metadata demo combines Qosmos DPI capabilities with Napatech intelligent network adapters to provide rich, real-time input for big data analysis of network and application usage:

  • Qosmos’ ixEngine software extracts protocol and application metadata, enabling insight into network transactions and patterns of user behavior. Developers use Qosmos ixEngine to enable service classification and metadata extraction in their applications. IxEngine can extract more than 6,000 different types of metadata, such as file and application usage, application performance, traffic volume and content.
Napatech 40 GbE Adapter
  • Napatech provides intelligent network adapters that guarantee real-time delivery of data at speeds from 1 to 40 Gbps. Napatech adapters provide layer 1-4 flow recognition, including tunneling protocols commonly used in mobile networks, such as GTP. Intelligent distribution can direct these flows to up to 32 server CPU cores. When combined with a standard server and DPI software, Napatech enables rapid development of high-performance appliances".
See "Napatech and Qosmos to Demonstrate 10 Gbps Metadata Deep Packet Inspection at Futurecom Brazil" - here.

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