Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Procera New DPI Platform - 70 Gbps, 3M Subscribers, 20M Flows in 2RU

Procera Networks announced the "..launch of the PacketLogic™ 8960, a flexible Intelligent Policy Enforcement (IPE) platform ideal for network deployments supporting high-density subscriber scenarios in a cost-effective .. The PacketLogic 8960 is a highly scalable 2RU appliance supporting up to 70 Gbps of network traffic throughput accessible through 6 modular I/O slots supporting up to 12 x 10GE or 24 x 1GE channels. This represents the industry's highest performance 2 RU IPE platform, setting another new industry benchmark.

Supporting up to three million active subscribers and 20 million active flows, with the ability to enforce policy on all concurrent flows in the system the PL8960 can easily scale capacity from one to 70 Gbps with the addition of software licenses".

See "Procera Networks Delivers Industry Leading Performance Again with the Introduction of the PacketLogic 8960" - here.


  1. Some of Procera's documentation (eg - http://www.proceranetworks.com/pdf/products/overview/Procera_Overview_Brochure_Q4_2013-10-14_US_WEB_a.pdf ) use the terms connections and flows. 8960 supports 20 million connections and 40 million flows. What is the difference between the two ?

  2. A connection is composed of two flows, one for each direction, between the two end-points.