Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Celcite Updates SON with Responsibility Metrics and Accelerated Load Balancing.

Celcite announced that is has ".. launched Celcite SON 3.5. This update introduces advanced new features unavailable elsewhere: 
  • With Responsibility Metrics, network engineers can, for the first time, quickly and easily ascertain which cells are proportionately most responsible for network problems. This means that Celcite’s self-optimizing network system can automatically prioritize and handle the issues that will deliver the biggest improvements in network capacity and customer experience – or allow engineers to do so themselves in an “open-loop” set-up.
  • Celcite SON 3.5 also introduces Accelerated Load Balancing (ALB), which rapidly finds and addresses abnormal load situations within the network. The accelerated response time means that the network can now be corrected within minutes, circumventing any issues that could multiply with slower responses to the problem. The ALB function is even more powerful with Celcite SON 3.5’s increased scalability and speed, as multiple instances can now be handled on the same processor". 
Celcite's Centralized SON (C-SON) product, provide SON support for all major equipment providers, including EricssonNSN, and Huawei, across both 3G and 4G".  

See "Celcite Launches Celcite SON 3.5 Self-Optimizing Network Solution" - here.

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