Monday, October 7, 2013

[YG]: Shared Data Plans Coincide Nicely w/LTE in Europe

A new report by Declan Lonergan [pictured], VP, Yankee Group concludes that "The great shared data experiment is well under way in Europe. Building on the recent success of this concept in the U.S. [see reports from AT&T, Verizon], mobile network operators (MNOs) on the other side of the pond are turning to shared data in their attempts to successfully monetize 4G/LTE. These price plans will achieve some success, but European MNOs shouldn’t assume very high levels of customer acceptance will be replicated everywhere outside the U.S". 

European operators ramp up shared data offers. Throughout 2013 there has been a significant increase in the number of shared mobile data plans being offered by European MNOs. The list of players that now provide this type of plan includes TeliaSonera [see "Telia Claims for Europe's First(?) Data Share Plan" - here], Telefónica O2, TDC and EE .. 4G provides a perfect vehicle. The launch of shared plans in several European markets coincides nicely with the commercial launch of 4G/LTE.

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  1. i think it more money for less data.

    People should be offered a choice if they want to be included on a shared data plan or an individual data plan. I really do hope that as 4G becomes more popular eventually replacing 2 and 3G that these companies will atleast increase the data caps on the plans to be in line with home broadband plans, because as our demand for ever increasing amounts of data on the move goes up people will be paying more for a service that leaves them with less.

    The companies think they can have the power when in fact is is people like you and me who keep them up there, people with the real power. We should remember this as the companies give us less and less for more and more of our money. We never lost any power as people, we just gave it away along with our money.