Sunday, October 13, 2013

Radware Launches an SDN-based Ultra Scalable Traffic Steering Solution

Radware expands its SDN products (see "Radware: Use SDN to Provide DDoS Protection" - here) with the availability of ".. ElasticScale, a new SDN-based network service scalability solution that enables carriers and service providers to dynamically scale-out and scale-in network services throughout their networks .. ElasticScale is the only solution in the industry to address all three aspects of network service scalability: virtual appliance provisioning, traffic distribution across virtual appliances, and acceleration of virtual appliance I/O.
Features and benefits of Radware’s ElasticScale solution includes:
  • Ultra scalable traffic steering solution (100’s of Gbps)
  • Ultra scalable load balancing solution
  • Based on industry leading, carrier grade Alteon load balancing product line
  • Support for leading hypervisors (oXen/KVM/Hyper-V/ESXi)
  • Compatible with leading SDN controllers such as  OpenDaylight [see "SDN Gets Standards and Open Source" - here], Cisco XNC and NEC ProgrammableFlow
  • Seamless integration with OpenStack and vCloud Director
  • Runs over any physical SDN network equipment"
See "Radware Announces ElasticScale SDN-Based Network Service Scalability Solution" - here.

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