Sunday, October 6, 2013

[F&S]: "PeerApp is the clear current market leader in the transparent caching industry"

According to Frost & Sullivan's Market Leader Profile on PeerApp "PeerApp has seen consistent growth for the last several years, with double-digit revenue growth in 2012 - despite a generally challenging economic climate. The company shipped their first solution in 2006, which makes it among the most experienced and respected participants in the industry. PeerApp has over 300 network operator deployments globally across both mobile and fixed networks. A number of these are tier 1 network operators. As a result, Frost & Sullivan appreciates the fact that PeerApp’s total deployment footprint is considerably larger than that of its nearest competitors, and their transparent caching technology has the widest reach within broadband cable, DSL and mobile network"

"PeerApp is the leading transparent caching vendor, with a market share of 27 percent by revenue in 2012".

Source: Frost & Sullivan

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