Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Flash Networks Optimizes MPEG-DASH with 30%-50% Data Reduction

Flash Networks announced the  ".. availability of MPEG-DASH video optimization that reduces network congestion and improves the quality of experience for subscribers without manipulating video content. Flash Networks’ MPEG-DASH optimization solution is part of the company’s advanced video optimization solution that provides 30%-50% data reduction with no perceptible impact on video quality. 

Source: DASH Industry Forum 

Today a significant amount of YouTube traffic is delivered using the MPEG-DASH format. YouTube has implemented a unique flavor of MPEG-DASH that requires more sophisticated methods of optimization than standard MPEG-DASH. Optimization solutions that do not support MPEG–DASH are unable to positively influence the delivery of video with this format and therefore are less efficient overall. 

Flash Networks, by using proprietary methods, provides an advanced MPEG-DASH optimization solution, enabling mobile operators to provide a more consistent, higher quality of experience to its subscribers".

See "Flash Networks the First to Boost MPEG-DASH Video Streaming" - here.

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