Monday, October 14, 2013

FreePCRF by Yota

FreePCRF states - "Our team in Yota is involved in development of PCRF, useful and important component of the operator network. Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF) is an advanced policy management solution enabling the operator to dynamically control network elements and apply real-time policies based on services, subscriber info and usage context .. Policy Engine and Generic Request API docs will help you to learn it in details and try on our free image. Any questions you have you can write here or post on our forum ( We will be happy to answer any of them".

From the documentation (here) :  "Yota PCRF is a standard compliant policy management solution that enables operator to dynamically control network elements with real-time policies based on service, subscriber or usage context. Yota PCRF allows making policy decisions based on:
  • Subscriber profile and enabled services 
  • Subscriber application and protocol (Skype, P2P) 
  • Content type (Video, MP3) 
  • Subscriber device (Mobile, iPad, TV, PC) 
  • Subscriber location (home, roaming, specific cell) 
  • Date and time 
  • Accumulated usage (per month, week, day, hour) 
  • Cell congestion 
  • Any combination of the above and other parameters"
It is said to be compatible with the following DPI systems - Sandvine Policy Traffic Switch (PTS, Policy Enforcement), Procera PRE with JET integration module JSM and Cisco SCE8000. The compatibility matrix (here) was updated to reflect that (UPD #66).

The license grants "a nonexclusive, nontransferable limited license to use the Software only for the purpose of evaluation, or demonstration, or testing purposes only. If you use the Software for any internal data processing or for any commercial or production purposes, or you want to use the Software for any purpose other than as permitted under this agreement, you must obtain a production release version of the Software by contacting us to obtain the appropriate license. You acknowledge that we may not produce a production release version of the Software and any development efforts undertaken by you are at your own risk"

See "PCRF experience: dynamic script-based policy decision maker or what do we need LUA for" - here.

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  1. Yota PCRF also compatible (used in production) with Huawei UGW